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College of Business
Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Husson University College of Business

Business programs form the foundation of Husson University, constituting over one third of the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Since 1974, Peabody Hall had been the center for the University's business programs. 

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Athletic Center
Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

Thomas College Athletic Center

Part of Thomas College’s ongoing campus master plan features an athletic complex to be constructed adjacent to the turf fields on the south campus. The first phase of this multi-phase facility will include an athletic center, followed by a new gymnasium and ultimately a field house. In 2018, the Thomas College Board of Trustees committed to proceed with the design of the project. 

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Fire Department Station
Town of Oakland, Maine

Oakland Fire Station

After successfully completing the construction of a new police station in 2016, the Town of Oakland’s Facilities Committee identified the existing fire station as being the Town’s most deficient facility. The fire station had been built in 1955 when Oakland’s population was only one quarter of present day. At that time, Fire calls were less than a third of today’s and there were no rescue services in the fifties. In addition to the continuing deterioration of the structure and ADA non-compliance, new firefighting apparatus could not fit through the building’s overhead doors.

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Wellness Learning Center
Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Husson University Wellness Learning Center

Husson's Health Center and Counseling Center had long occupied a variety of obscure spaces in separate locations on the Bangor campus. Due to student demand for both of these services, the University undertook a study to expand and coalesce the two services in a single location. This combined facility for healthcare and counseling services needed to be sited not only in a central location on campus, but to also provide discreet access and privacy for patients.

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Townhouse Residences
Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Husson Townhouses Exterior

Husson University’s decision to build the new Townhouse Residences was driven by the need to ease the shortage of on-campus student housing due to increased enrollment in 2016. The three-building complex was designed with the intent to provide housing for upperclassmen and to attract those students living off campus, to return to the Husson campus. The design solution was apartment style housing, combined with the benefits and conveniences of dorm style living.

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New Residence Hall
Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

Thomas College Residence Hall

Following a recent update of Thomas College’s campus master plan, it became apparent that the College required additional student housing. Further study identified the demand for upperclassmen housing, with a residence that would also attract students currently living off campus. With a mandate from the Board of Trustees, the College embarked on an ambitious plan in the spring of 2016, to assemble a building team that would be ready to start construction in fall, 2016.

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Carlisle Hall Restroom Renovations
Husson University, Bangor, Maine

Carlisle Restrooms

Carlisle Hall is one of three original dormitories constructed when the Husson campus moved from downtown Bangor to the site of the former Hillman Dairy Farm in the 1960’s. The identical residence halls served the University for many years, and despite the numerous past renovations, the restrooms remained much the same as when built. The University decided to initiate a plan to renovate the restrooms in the three buildings over a three-year period.

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Police Station
Oakland, Maine

“We could not have completed this project without Rick’s persistence, guidance and tenacity. I personally appreciate his commitment with keeping the construction of this project on track. With Rick’s professional guidance, we were able to build a new Police Station that is not only built to need, but came in under budget as needed. Rick impressed all who were involved given his commitment to the end. Rick and his team helped the Town of Oakland take a giant step forward.”

-Gary Bowman, Town Manager              
Oakland, Maine              


Town of Oakland Police Station

The Town of Oakland commissioned a Building Evaluation Committee in May of 2015 to assess the municipal facilities and the Committee quickly focused on the Police Station as the most deficient facility. The existing Police Station, built as a residence in the early 1900's, had many deficiencies and after looking at at number of alternatives the Committee concluded that a new facility was the best and most cost effective solution.

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 Cuddledown, Inc.
Yarmouth, Maine

Cuddledown, Inc.

Cuddledown, Inc. of Yarmouth, Maine is a well-established manufacturer and retailer of high end bedding products which was purchased in December 2012 by the Potpourri Group, a specialty catalog company. To better position the company for growth, an ambitious plan was undertaken to perform extensive renovations to modernize their 30 year old 90,000 sf office/manufacturing complex in Yarmouth.

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 Harold Alfond Academic Center
Thomas College, Waterville, Maine

“Rick MacKenzie of Construction Consulting of Maine has the expertise necessary to manage the scope, time, and resources on construction projects of all kinds. Most recently at Thomas College, he managed $20 M in the construction of two new buildings and major changes to the campus landscape."

-Beth B. Gibbs, Senior Vice President & CFO        
Thomas College, Waterville, Maine        


Harold Alfond Academic Center, Thomas College, Waterville, Maine Construction Managment

The two story, 37,000 sf learning center was designed by Connor Architecture of Lexington, MA.  This prominent structure is a focal point located in the heart of the campus and represents a significant milestone in the implementation of Thomas College’s Campus Master Plan.

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