Construction Consulting of Maine, LLC

Sustainable Construction

sustainable design and construction, leed green building, leed constructionConstruction Consulting of Maine recognizes that sustainable design increases the efficiency with which buildings consume energy, water and other resources. Sustainable design also reduces the structure’s impact on the environment over the entire life cycle of the building through significant energy savings.

A client’s decision to build green can be motivated by a number of factors; good stewardship of our planet, the desire for long term energy savings, a more productive work environment, or to project a green corporate image. The decision to build a green building may also entail pursuing some level of LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Therefore it’s imperative to assemble the right team from the start of a project, as sustainable building concepts extend beyond the walls of the building structure. Site selection, placement of the structure on the site and site design play important roles in planning a sustainable building.

CC of Maine, with the experience of a LEED Accredited Professional, can help determine the feasibility and the costs associated with constructing to the various levels of LEED certification. If deemed feasible, we can then help assemble a professional and experienced team to design the project to meet the client's overall objectives.

Whether or not a client elects to pursue a level of green building certification, there are numerous sustainable energy design approaches and incentives for implementing energy saving technology that should be explored with every building project.

During the design phase, CC of Maine can work side-by-side with the design team to develop the most cost effective means to attain the project’s key goals and then help with their implementation.