Construction Consulting of Maine, LLC

Tenant’s Representative

tenant representation services as a tenant representativeAs a Tenant’s Representative we provide similar services to that of an Owner’s Representative, working on behalf of a tenant in representing their best interest in a leased space. This service is applicable to a tenant fit-up in a new building, a renovation of existing space, or a build-to-suit from the ground up.

By retaining the services of Construction Consulting of Maine as a Tenant Representative early in the process, we can also provide assistance with lease negotiations and explore available options for tenant fit-up. As a Tenant Representative we can help to establish the landlord’s obligations and timeline, whether it is a turnkey build-out or a shell that is being fit-up by the tenant. In the case of a fit-up, it is important to clearly delineate what constitutes the building shell and where the tenant improvements begin.

CC of Maine has the proven experience working with a diverse range of clients in the public and private sectors, representing both tenants and developers, consistently working toward a common goal - the successful completion of every project... on time and on budget.