Feasibility Studies

Construction Consulting of Maine offers a wealth of experience in preparing feasibility studies by guiding the client through the necessary steps to determine the viability of a construction project before making the decision to implement the project. Most feasibility studies, whether renovations or new construction, seek to develop and compare several options to achieve the stated goals of the project. As part of any feasibility study CC of Maine works with the owner's team to consider the following:Feasibility Oakland Town Hall

  • Site selection, site investigation, site conditions and access to utilities

  • Federal, state and municipal regulatory requirements for both site and building permitting

  • Establishing a program and conceptual design for each option

  • Assessing the viability and impact of sustainable building design

  • If renovating, examining existing facility conditions and determining necessary upgrades, replacements or improvements that may be required by code

  • Developing an estimate of construction costs and schedule

  • Creating an overall project budget that includes both construction and soft costs

CC of Maine can assemble, quantify and present this information for each of the options under consideration, all with the goal of assisting the owner in selecting the best options in order to determine whether the project will provide a suitable return for the time and investment.