Owner’s Representative

As an Owner’s Representative, Construction Consulting of Maine is capable of providing professional experience during the building process from concept through completion. When hired by a client to represent them we act as an extension of the owner's staff and work as an integral member of the owner's team.

Construction Consulting of Maine is thereby tasked with overall management of the entire project, protecting the owner’s best interests in all decision making. Our services are tailored to meet the owner’s needs including feasibility studies, project delivery options, sustainability goals, procurement, design/budgeting, construction administration or simply on an as needed basis.

Gibson Wadsworth Athletic Center, Construction Consulting ServicesThe Owner’s Representative’s role is not as the ultimate decision maker on the project, but rather an advisor to the owner. At any phase of a project when the owner is faced with challenging circumstances, the Owner’s Representative’s responsibility is to propose viable options to assist the owner in making informed decisions.

While the term Owner’s Representative may sometimes be used interchangeably with Project Manager, it should not to be confused with the General Contractor or Construction Manager’s Project Manager, responsible for and focused on directing the construction operations of the contractor. As an Owner’s Representative, we always maintain a global view of the goals of the entire project.


Why hire Construction Consulting of Maine as an Owner’s Representative?

  • The owner may not be in close proximity to where the construction project is taking place
  • The owner and/or staff may be too busy to be able to devote the time to manage a construction project
  • The owner and/or staff may not have the experience or expertise in-house to oversee a large or complex building project

Therefore, we believe our clients’ primary focus should be on what they do best, running their business and providing quality services or products to their clients.


“As an Owner’s Rep, Rick excelled in how he represented our interests throughout the project. He listened to our needs and communicated those needs to the architects, engineers, contractors and others.”

-Roger Crouse, General Manager
Kennebec Water District, Waterville, Maine