Preconstruction Services

We recognize that each project presents unique criteria; be it scheduling, complexity or budget that bear influence on the decision making process and ultimately drive the composition of the team and method of contracting. Common methods of project delivery include the traditional Design/Bid/Build, Construction Manager at Risk, Design/Build or a hybrid approach combining several contracting modes. Construction Consulting of Maine works with clients to evaluate the project's goals and examine the pros and cons of the various contract delivery methods and how they apply to the particular project. Based on this analysis, recommendations are made on how best to proceed.

Once a project delivery method is determined, we work with the owner to assemble a team:Preconstruction

  • Identify potential design firms and/or contractors based on the project's size and complexity

  • Develop requests for proposals soliciting qualifications, experience and fees
  • Evaluate and assess bids/proposals

  • Negotiate design and construction contracts

Evaluation of the proposals, whether design, construction management or design/build can be a convoluted process. CC of Maine has knowledge and experience working from both sides of the negotiating table. This ensures that all details of the proposals are compared on an “apples to apples” basis and qualifications are carefully evaluated. This information is assembled in a matrix that assists the client in making an informed selection, that best suits the project’s goals and minimizes owner risk.

At CC of Maine, we recognize that it is important to conduct a fair and professional selection process in assembling a project team that will work in partnership with the client during the construction phase of the project.